Tea Dictionary

Tea Dictionary

We at Tea Amigos believe in the art of spoken word, therefore our expressive and often comedic tea reviews frequently utilize unfamiliar terminology and expressions. So as to not leave our reader high and dry with no piece of pie, we’ve provided you with a tea dictionary that fills in the blanks for you. We take our lingo very seriously, and this tea dictionary will be your Rosetta Stone to interpret how we see the world of tea.

As more terms are born, the tea dictionary shall grow. Can’t figure out what a what the fudge a word means? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list. If this isn’t a HOTH then I don’t know what is. Steep on..

Daily DrinkerA tea that has captured the essence of everday life and is worthy of steeping on a daily basis, without remorse. See our best teas page for great examples
Flavor CountryAfter using a loose tea press or another steeparatus, this territory is the remains of the steep, fortified with maximum goodness, usually split during a steep and share
HOTHShort for hit over the head, as in to complete many tasks and duties with astounding proficience and efficiency, to the point of annoyance
MesquitabilityAn exhibition of roasted, broasted, or barbecued flavors, usually found in premium breakfast teas or hojicha
Oversteep ChallengeWhen a teabag string breaks and you decide to let it steep until the end of the beverage, rather than fish it out; a daring manuever that risks bitter tea face
SteeparatusA loose leaf teapress, tea pot, or other steeping unit utilized to steep tea
SteepabilityThe unknown quality of a best tea that makes it taste as such, the best. Some teasans have said that this is a perfect combination of smoothness, flavor, color, and scent
Steep n' ShareThe act of splitting a teabag in half a utilizing a steeparatus to make two full cups of prime tea
TeasanOne with an all knowing, yet ever growing, familiarity with tea and its ilk, far smarter than any Level 3 Tea Master or other fictional entitlement
Tools1. Tea to be reviewed 2. any treasured item needed to reach the pinnacle of a sacred event

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