Yamamotoyama Green Tea – Flavor Determination

Yamamotoyama Green


: With a name lke Yamamotoyama, you know you are in for some serious flavor. Yamamotoyama green tea delivers said flavor like UPS. This green tea review is as grassy as they come, so don’t you dare oversteep. A homey of mine from China put me onto the tea brand, and a cosign such as that reflects the quality in the brew. I personally think that it tastes average, with a tad bit of sweetness, extra grass. I’m looking forward to having moreYamamotoyama, I smell potential… or maybe grass.

Rating: B+


: Domo Arigato Mr. Yamammotoyama!Yamamotoyama Green Tea comes straight out of the land of the risinig sun, hitting you hard with that sencha leafiness. Look no further than the first tastebud on your tongue to feel the grassiness within.Yamamotoyama tea definitely has a lot going for it: a subtle sweetness and a gentle smoothness but it also has it’s downfall, a distinct bitterness. Unfortunately, this green tea from Yamamotoyama leaves a certain bitterness at the sides of you tongue which keep this away from the A range and in the daily drinker category. If you need a relaxing daily drinker, this is a very solid choice.

Rating: B+

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