Wiseman Sencha Kombucha Tea – Check the Crystals…

Wiseman Sencha Kombucha


: Wiseman Sencha Kombucha tea, available shortly at the Tea Amigos online tea store, is fire as hell. First, let me lay some teasan knowledge on you. Sencha is a traditional Japanese green tea. It is unground (as opposed to machta which is). Know what Kombucha tea is? Kombucha tea is a bacterial culture with many purported health benefits. Given that scientific research on Kombucha is limited, I can tell you about my personal experience. It nukes colds. I started drinking Kombucha tea in October when I had a cold. It went away the following day and I haven’t gotten one since.
Wiseman Sencha Kombucha Plum tea is a steep to be reckoned with for the tastebuds as well. It’s tastes like a light green tea, rainbows, and unicorns. Floral and sweet, this Wiseman Sencha tea will get your blood pumpin’ and mouth watering.

Rating: A


: If you think you are a wise guy, you had better step your knowledge up and grab Wiseman Tea. I had never heard of this brand, but this won’t be the last time you hear about it on Tea Amigos. My entrance into their botanical bliss was this Sencha Kombucha Plum Green Tea. Fresh is the first word that comes into my had, as this lightly textured Sencha tea pleased the palate beyond belief. The plum flavoring can be felt as the lavish kombucha tea settles in, just dandy. Not only do you get the Kombucha tea fighting fevers and flus like the guy from 300, the fruity finish gives you exactly what you need. This is the hotness, and this teasancannot wait to get down on some more Wiseman Tea.

Rating: A+

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