Twinings Lemon Twist Herbal Tea – Somebody Got It Right

Twinings Lemon Twist


: As our faithful readers know by now, Dax was in Argentina and the Dominican Republic on a teasan excursion. What he brought back was some unique Twinings Tea that I have never seen in the states. One of these is Twinings Lemon Twist herbal tea. Let me tell you that we’re really missing out because even the herbal tea blends are better than they are here.
Faithful readers also know that herbal tea has been a struggle over here. They’re usually some sweet, rosehip hibiscus mess with no character but that’s not the case with Twinings Lemon Twist. This tea has just the right mix of these ingredients: 18.7% lemon grass, and 18.7% lemon peel along with other herbs to give it the glorious glow necessary to really be by appointment to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II as the packaging says. If you find it, buy it.

Rating: A+


: Twining’s Lemon Twist herbal tea enters the ring, sweatband-clad and ready to take the oversteep challenge. With a brand like Twinings looking to tap the herbal tea niche, the Lemon Twist is sure to be a citrus delight. I was reluctant to steep at first, as many lemon herbal teas just OD on citrus like a Warhead. Clearly Twinings Teas know better, and delivered a solid addition to the lineup. Not too much lemon, and passed the oversteep challenge like it cheated. Bravo.

Rating: A-

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