Twining’s Jasmine Green Tea – Ain’t Nothing But A Sweet Thang Baaaby

Twinings Jasmine Green


: Twinings Green Tea Jasmine coming straight at you from the beautiful Dominican Republic, and I don’t know if Twinings make their jasmine teaany different for this market but this one has a veryYerba Mate touch to it. I don’t know if this is purely psychological but Twinings Jasmine Green tea is much sweeter than other jasmine teas. Now, you’ve been a Tea Amigos fan for a while so you know me and sweet teas are like two magnets with the positive sides facing each other: maximum repulsion. But thisTwinings Green tea Jasmine is spectacular. It’s as if they squeezed sweet jasmine nectar into it. Mad props Twinings.

Rating: A


: While in the Domincan Republic, I had the pleasure of coming across Twining’s Jasmine Green Tea. It has been a minute since our last Twinings tea review, so let me prepare my palate for freshness. Twining’s of London usually has their game tight and ready for action, packing potency power in every sip. I didn’t sense too much jasmine tea in here, but just like the Twinings green tea, their green tea with jasmine is super grassy. It reminds me of when I learned how to do backflips off of swings as a child. That first try left me with a mouthful of turf. Twinings Jasmine green tea is right up there, light on jasmine heavy on the greenery.

Rating: B+

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