Trader Joe’s Mint Melange Tea – Ghost Dog Approved

TJ Mint Melange


: A little TeaAmigos fact: Mike and I are die-hard spicy food freaks. Trader Joe’s Mint Melange tea was chosen post jalapeno breath, since mint teais the only beverage that can ease the palate, even if the tea itself is not cold. Fortunately for Trader Joes tea, they caught me in a time of need. The flavor is full and bold, the mint is not heavily exaggerated, and my burning mouth is feeling like cliff jumping in Alaska. Too bad Mike will probably hate on this because of his mint tea complex.

Rating: A+


: Trader Joe’s Mint Melange tea conjurs psychadelic sensations, blissful memories, and tales of the lost Lenore (quoth the raven, nevermore). What I mean is that unlike many of the teas we review, I would not say that this mint tea from Trader Joe’s is the feel good tea of the summer, fun for the whole family, or edge of your seat thrill ride. This Trader Joe’s tea is instead contemplative, more like a French noir flick with a guy standing smoking a cigarette in black and white. He puts it out and the screen goes to black. Does what I just said tell you anything about the tea? Probably not. Do I give a damn? Notatall.

Rating: B+

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