Trader Joe’s Earl Grey Tea – Scandalous Taste

Trader Joe's Earl Grey


: This is not the first delicious Trader Joe’s Tea that I have had, and it’s definitely not going to be the last. Earl Grey Tea is possibly my favorite kind of straight black tea, and this specific earl greysteals the show. The bergamot smell is intense, and the flavor does not disappoint. Let the aerate a little in your mouth to really get that herb flavor popping. The potent taste yields to a refreshing slightly acidic, herby aftertaste with a thick acidic accent. It’s perfect tea to impress the ladies or get them to disrobe.

Speaking of which, I would like to make a quick comment on the marketing. The back credits The Dutchess of York with the following comment tinged with all sorts of sexual innuendo: “As long as it’s hot and wet and goes down the right way, that’s all that matters.” I doubt that strumpet ever uttered these words, butTrader Joe’s knows how to use sex to sell tea. I’m in marketing and I dig this kind of public manipulation.

Overall Rating: A-


: Trader Joe’s Earl Grey Tea had me at the first sniff. The teabag has a lovely, potent bergamot aroma that really pinches your nostrils. Its bronze-like packaging is reminiscent of third place, and gives the tea its very appealing demeanor. The earl grey tea from Trader Joe’s is a bold, rich flavored tea that would be very appreciated by earl grey lovers who need a fulfilling flavor content with that oh-so familiar bitter finish.. I get a slight full feeling from this hearty tea, but that might be because this is my fourth tea of the day. Trader Joes Earl Grey is one of the better Earl Greys that I’ve tasted, and recommend that you give it a try. Drink this tea after dinner and unwind.

Rating: A-

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