TenRen Oolong Tea – Pre-Grammy Stardom

TenRen Oolong


: One calm, early morning I grabbed this oolong tea from TenRen and guess what? I got to steepin. What I usually like about Ten Ren is tha thierchineses teas have a really traditonal feel to them. Not that I’m Chinese or anything, you just feel like this is legit. Ten Ren oolong tea is very grassy, and Mike was right, it can get oversteeped with quickness.TenRen should have put that on the package. The flavor is pretty regular with a hint of extra grassy, but it doesn’t have the cack-like addictive taste asTwining’s China oolong. Still a decent steep.

Rating: B


: Ten Ren Oolong Tea comes in a pretty light brown package with a neat gold design. Aesthetic packaging is a plus. Other than that, upon entry into oral canal, Ten Ren Oolong behaves much like mostOolong teas. A neat grassiness is certainly a unique feature but not one necessarily worth the hefty Tenrenpricetag. Avoid oversteeping this oolong tea from Tenren because it can get a bit bitter. Steep for the love, steep for the game.

Rating: B+

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