Tea of Life Green Chai Tea with Lemongrass – Heartwarming, Pleasant, and Funky

Tea of Life Green Chai Tea with Lemongrass


Tea of Life tea is an interesting breed with a family tree that extends into the umpteens. Their packaging is of the gift genus, with extra plastic and bows throughout. Granted this was another one of those Marshall’s pickups, the sheer amount of varietals included made it a must-splurge. I started with the Tea of Life Green Chai tea with Lemongrass. At first glance, the nomenclature threw me off. Where did this green come from? Why did they need to inject lemongrass unnecessarily like high fructose corn syrup in bread?

After the first sip, I wasn’t mad.

This green chai with lemongrass is more heartwarming that Disney’s Up. I could relate it to when you are warming up a burrito at 7-11 and you have a pacemaker – really gets you going. The charisma of the lemongrass clouds the chai tea base, but I can see it crouching in the back. There also is a lingering funk that I can’t say is very pleasant. An overall good tea that you should drink pre-marathon.

Rating: B


When you sip Tea of Life Green Chai Tea, you’re not really sure what taste is going to hit you next. It’s like that two-face episode of Seinfeld. One sip you’re enjoying a totally decent Green Chai tea and the next moment you get hit in the face with 20 flavors and you don’t even know what to do. Lemongrass? Pomegranate juice? Come on who puts this stuff in chai?

To illustrate, I steeped this bad boy 2 hours ago and tried to eat it with a sandwich (tuna on white bread, no big deal). I literally had to steep a second cup of Twinings Earl Grey because lemongrass+tuna=booty. They didn’t teach you that formula in school, did they? Now I’m drinking the same tea cold and it’s good. I don’t know what to think. Maybe it’s the lighting.

Rating: B

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