Tea of Life Black Chai Tea with Ginger Citron – So Complex It Almost Disappoints

Tea of Life Black Chai Tea


Sometimes you just gotta stick to what you know, and Tea of Life knows about mixing more ingredients than necessary in their steeps.  Tea of Life Black Chai Tea with Ginger Citron sounds more like P. Diddy’s new luxury vodka flavor than a tea.  Tea of Life tea reviews are always a mouthful in both nomenclature and execution, and this was no exception.  The chai tea  starts out basic but then morphs into a diet trainwreck of twings and twangs.  I think it’s the ginger kicking it after hours, but my mouth is currently coated in a lemony spice struggle – not awesome.  Perhaps a victim of the oversteep challenge?  Regardless, mediocre effort.

Rating: B-


 Going on with the Tea of Life circuit.  Today’s target is the Black chai Tea with Ginger and Citron.  Now I’m familiar with Absolut Citron and a French car called Citreon but what the hell is citron?  I thought this was a word made up by marketers to sell sour-face causing citrus fruit flavored beverages.  A quick Google search yielded a sad truf: I didn’t know that citron was a fruit.

Tmoving onward and forward.  Random consonant insertion intentional and intelligent, don’t hhhhate.  Anyway, this black chai packs punches on the awakeness front.  It’s 4:45 AM and I’m restless.  It could be the other 6 cups of tea I had earlier today.  The life of a teasan…
This Black Chai doesn’t stand out to me as much as some of the other offerings from Tea of Life.  That being said, it appears to have prime steepability and a nice tmixture of standard Ceylon black tea and a sprinkle of that chai umph to bring you tongue to fruition.  A solid blend, to be sure, a daily drinker and a good companion, but not one that screams steep me repeatedly.
Rating: B+
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