Tazo Green Ginger Tea – Reluctantly Relenquished

Tazo Green Ginger


: Tazo Green Ginger tea is an interesting blend of two types of tea that one might not expect to complement each other but they do. At its heart, this flavored green tea from Tazo tea is a champion in the making but it still lacks the necessary umph to wield the Hammer of Prolific Destiny+3. The taste is slightly duller than one would hope which leads me to believe that this ginger green tea was not the freshest of brews. Nevertheless, this one is definitely worth you time and effort as it exceeds daily drinker quality in my book. Listen up and learn from the gifted teasan.

Rating: A-


: Tazo Green Ginger tea has more bark then bite. After having a ginger tea from medicinal brands likeTraditional Medicinals, one would worry about getting that burning feeling in your throat. Ginger is one hell of an herb, one swallow down the wrong tube and you are on the ground having a seizure, if not dead. Tazo tea tames that ginger beast by integrating a nicely brewed green tea in the mix. The aroma is quite gingery, yet the color and taste resemble a green and white tea fusion. This is an interesting blend to say the least, as the ginger tea flavor is only present in the front end taste, while the back end is filled with a smooth, delicategreen tea. If you are on an extra health kick and need to ween yourself into the world of ginger, try this brew.

Rating: B

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