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Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast


: Taylors of harrogate English Breakfast Tea is a genre defining black tea. Of the breakfast teas I have evaluated thus far, this Taylors of Harrogate Tea is the supreme leader. It is the Ayatollah Khomeini of Breakfast Tea. Sure, there are some worthy second in commands, Ahmadinejads if you will, such as Numi Chinese Breakfast. What gives this Taylors of Harrogate supreme rule over the English Breakfast type of tea is its complexity. It has a rich mix of what Dax and i casually refer to as “hickory smoked southwest mesquite” flavor and a grassy feel found only in green teas. Smoothness is unparalleled.

Rating: A


: Is there any other way to start out the day than a hearty, barbecued cup of mesquite English Breakfast tea? I really don’t think so. Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast tea is one of the betterbreakfast teas that I have had. I’m pretty set on the Numi Chinese breakfast..but when will it reach theTeaAmigos site? Hmmmm. Well, the task at hand is Taylors of Harrogate, and they did the darn thing. Careful! Don’t oversteep this guy or you will be very upset that you wasted such expensive black tea. Rich, bold flavor, thick mesquite accents, and the tiniest of bitter exit wounds make this English Breakfast a winner. Save your pennies and find some Taylors of Harrogate Tea.

Rating: A

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