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Tadin Cactus Tea

Dax: The easiest way to explain Tadin’s Aloe Vera with Cactus tea is through an anecdote.

As a youngster in preschool I was a fan of riding the swings. As my experience points built up and I got to a comfortable level for that particular playground, I learned how to perfect various dismounts off of the swing set: Big Airs, Long Jumps, and the steeziest of them all, the backflip. Many of you are probably familiar with what I’m talking about. Anyways, one confident day I tried an extra lofty backflip, only to land conveniently on my mouth. Dazed and confused, I cried my way to the drinking fountain to wash the mud from my grill, and then continued the day with a skidmark down my face.

Basically this Tadin tea tasted like that moment of truth. Dirt in water, not even good store-bought dirt, this tasted like alley dirt. Try at your own risk. The only strong point is that at first the teabag smells great.

Rating: F+

Mike: I don’t know where Tadin Té gets off making dirt tea but its painful to drink. Granted, I don’t know what cactus tea is supposed to taste like, but if this is it then I’m staying the hell away. The aloe is like putting lipstick on a pig, like covering your BO with cologne, like gilding feces with gold. This Aloe Vera Tea tastes like soil. Don’t bother.

Rating: F

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3 Responses

  • claudia says:

    It is the worst tea ever. I drink for my diabetes but if you want it to taste good mix it with arnica tea and it will be drinkable. It is still not the best taste but it is drinkable at least.

  • Cc says:

    oh man – wish I’d seen this review BEFORE i bought the tea! would have to totally agree with you on this though. not a fan…

  • sha says:

    When I took that first swallow of the tea and this tea is called, Aloe vera and Cactus tea, I thought I would die. After I came to my senses, I thought, maybe the tea in this one bag was bad, if that’s at all possible,so I poured it out and started over. this time I added lemon and a package of raw stevia, only to realized that this tea just sucks for taste…now, I know it’s good for people with sugar diabetes or anyone to keep their sugar levels in tact….but since my sugar is fine I just threw it away and vowed to never again buy it.

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