Runa Guayusa Amazon Spice – Wild Like a Bar Mitzah

Runa Amazon Guayusa Spice Tea


: A big shout out to Runa Amazon Guayasa for sending us some samples. It’s a shame that Mike’s family digested most of them for the love. First off is their Amazon Spice Tea. I was thinking that I was in for a wild jungle tour with football-size mosquitoes and indigenous interactions, but no no no no no (Destiny’s Child reference). The Amazon Spice tea is a decent steep and has the aroma of a fighting champion, yet I was a bit let down on the follow through. It has a bit of cinnamon essence and the flavor was consistent. Not as wild as I thought it was going to be.

Rating: B-


: Runa Amazon Guayasa comes in a silk pouch inside individually wrapped in clear plastic sachets making each individual steep a delight to unwrap. Unfortunately, the joy ends right there. I’d say that this tea was vanilla, but you’d probably misinterpret that as vanilla flavor. No, it’s vanilla as in missionary position. Kind of dull taste with nothing that really stands out. It’s got the typical potpourri of “amazonian” flavors that you encounter with any tea that claims it hails from this region. That’s not to say that this tea is bad. It makes for a decent daily drinker but nothing I would steep when trying to impress the ladies.

Rating: B-

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