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Runa Amazon Tropical Citrus


: Runa Amazon Guayusa popped us off with a Tropical Ginger Citrus blended green tea. Featuring a very picturesque sachet with ingredients that seemingly knew no bounds, this Tropical Citrus Green Tea did put a smile on my face. The taste was light and crisp, but didn’t hoth me with an overpowering hammer of authority. This could be a greater achievement if there was a greater amount of actual green tea. Nice touch and I’d be glad to steep another.

Rating: B


: Runa Amazon Guayusa Tropical Ginger Citrus does not have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of a teasan’s must-steep list, let alone a teasan’s daily drinker list. I’m not feeling it at all. The ginger jives with the green tea like the Real House Wives of jive with each other. Reality TV inside your cup. You really want it? Maybe my steep was a bit watered down. We were on the steep-n-share program and I left the bag in Dax’s tea. When I tried his it was a league better. Still improper. Go somewhere else.

Rating: C+


It has come to our attention that there is NO GREEN TEA in this tea, therefore our review was “tea oriented” and should be taken as such. Much love to Runa for pointing this out, and a teasan knows when to stand corrected. Steep on…

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