Revolution Orange Chocolate Green Tea – Just Like Candy

Revolution Orange Chocolate Tea


: With the fragrance of an expensive chocolatier, Revolution Tea places orange chocolate goodness into its infuser sachets. This Orange Chocolate Green Tea from Revolution is our first review of the brand, and looks to be exciting. The taste…exquisite! I am quickly reminded of the Andes mints with orange in them. The chocolate hues are light, similar to Stash Chocolate and Hazelnut, and the green tea powers through as the hero of the story. Orange flavor isn’t prevalent, but man is the landscape beautiful! Revolution tea reviews will be featured on our pages in the coming times, and I am thoroughly hyped and give a warm welcome. Check this tea out with some Pinwheel cookies, and snack on.

Rating: A


: Revolution Orange Chocolate Green Tea is a Premium Full-Leaf Green Tea with 16 Flow-Through Infusers. What you just read is the box, and I would normally be making fun of “Flow-Through Infusers” ifRevolution Tea did not know what the fudge they were talking about. But they do because this green tea is hella good. It starts with a medley of light orange flavor followed by a rush of smooth choco-goodness mixed with a dash of grassy green tea strut. The interesting thing is that the orange flavor is not that of an actual orange. Rather, the orange flavor is distinctively that of orange flavored chocolate candy. Best Teas here we come.

Rating: A+

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