Prince of Peace Green Tea – Metal Taste for a Metal Man

Prince of Peace Green Tea


: Well, Prince of Peace green tea does have a royal name, but that is about as majestic as it gets. My palate has reached an almost mutant-like acuity, and this set off my “what am I steeping?” sense. Thisgreen tea tastes like rebar, and has no brilliant grassy flavor to relinquish. Metal Man from Mega Man II would be all over this. Disturbed, I let it cool off to try it cold, it got a little better. If you must drink this tea from Prince of Peace, put some sugar in the mix and drink it chilled, trust me. Can’t have anybody dying over here.

Rating: C+


: Prince of Peace Green tea is a mess. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It’s some sort of sick, twisted combination of the metallic taste of steel and the essence of tea-flavored water. This green tea fromPrince of Peace is anything but peaceful because if I was mandated to drink it I would crack skulls and detonate explosives unnecessarily. Prince of Peace green tea is to be avoided like the plague.

Rating: F

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2 Responses

  • Poplar says:

    >>>Thisgreen tea tastes like rebar

    Dude, if you’re tasting “metal” there is something very wrong with your taste buds! This is a very light and delicate brand of green tea, and it’s flavor is so smooth and light that it’s really not that far removed from plain old purified water.

  • Ray says:

    Maybe the water you’re using has a high metal content because this is a very good, light tea. Try using distilled.

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