Pickwick Sweet Orange Black Tea – He’s a Fraud!

Pickwick Orange


: Let me tell you what words I like to see on my teabags: natural, organic, pure, artisan-crafted, teasan-approved, artificially flav…….WHAT!!! Which one stands out? Shizam, the LAST thing I want written on my tea is that it’s artificially flavored. ThisPickwick Sweet Orange Black Tea gets an instant downgrade to the C level just for putting that. Look, you know what everyone needs less of in life, but especially in their black tea? Chemicals and synthetics includng artificial flavors. Pickwick tea messed up big time trying to do da damn damn da unnatural way. Steroids are illegal in baseball and artificial flavors are sure as hell illegal in my teaball. Let’s take a sip just for good measure: just as predicted. Funky taste, Hi-C smell. Disqualification.

Rating: F (disqualified)


: HAHAH, Mike be trippin.  Another Pickwick tea coming your way by the name of Pickwick Sweet Orange tea.  Now, gas stations provide you with convenient munchies, and I believe that this flavored teafrom Pickwick is the only fruit that you can get that isn’t going to taste like burritos.  I’m talking cross contamination here, people.  Once again, the black tea base is just not giving me all the umph that I would prefer, but I think that the orange lovin’ gets its point across.  Here is the classic “good but I’ll never buy it on purpose” scenario.  Try at your own will, but don’t expect an Oscar performance.

Rating: C

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