Pickwick Earl Grey Tea – Borderline Average, Teetering on Normal

Pickwick EG


: Pickwick Earl Grey Tea has been laying around in my “to steep” pile for a long time. I decided to do the damn damn and do our first tea review ofPickwick Tea. I wasn’t expecting much because the packaging was cheap and shoddy. I’d also never heard of this brand of tea. Man, when I got to steeping I was so…unamazed. It tastes exactly like I expected: Weak sauce. The bergamotability here is at a minimum. In fact, you can hardly tell this is even anEarl Grey tea. As far as the black tea base, it’s nothing unusual. Tastes like your typical Lipton Tea.

Rating: C


: So this gas station/corner store brand named Pickwick came up with some pretty average earl grey tea. It isn’t too complex, but let me break it down to you. It starts out with some black tea that probably was bought in bulk, resulting in a “regular” flavor. Then, you get some bergamot oil and just a dab will do ya. Lastly you steep that packet to a three minute time limit and BAM! Decent earl grey. Pickwick earl grey was not a champion of the earl gray realm, but this is the blueprint for all of you searching for an earl grey teathat goes by the book. Regular steepability, regular rating.

Rating: B

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