Orient Organics Tropical Green Tea – False Flaggin’ the Funk

Orient Organics Tropical Green


: Tropical Green Tea seems like a hot commodity. Mighty Leaf, Revolution Tea, and several others have their own variants. It was the little knownOrient Organics‘ time to have a go with this popular blend. If Mighty Leaf’s Tropical Green Tea is skydiving, then Orient Organics is like jumping off a diving board. Smells nice, solid presentation. Comes in a nice pyramid-like satchet very similar to Lipton‘s infuser teabags. Once you dive in you it tastes pretty watered down. Get it? Watered down? Doesn’t live up to the dream. But hey, nice bellyflop off the diving board.

Rating: C


: Off top, Orient Organics is going to have to muster up quite a performance to stand tall next to the competition for best tropical green tea. Welp, they already lost points from the Transylvanian judge for funky opening smell. Steeping Orient Organics tropical green tea is strange, as it doesn’t seem to be the right color. On to the taste, which resembles some sort of stale Juicy Juice from ’05. I can’t put my finger on this fruit flavor that I taste, but upon reading the ingredients, I see that it must be the cornflower blossoms or sunflower. Interesting. It’s like when you play tackle football and accidentally swallow a dandelion. No bueno.

Rating: C-

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