Numi Emperor’s Pu-Erh Tea – Wet Leafy Fall Goodness

Numi Emperors Puerh Tea


Of the mainstream brand no one really fudges with pu-erh.  It’s rare and takes a while to process and make so I commend Numi for taking on the pu-erh challenge (81st annual).  Numi has 8 pu-erhs in their lineup.  I’m a fan.

Numi Emperor’s Pu-Erh is a solid steep with plenty of that soil-taste you have come to know and love.  Maybe even a little too much.  It’s fall right now in Chicago but I can’t help but be reminded as a kid playing in the fall rain.  It’s dark and it’s only 6:00.  The leaves are wet from the rain and the dew and there’s a particular smell to them.  It’s Pu-erh!
Pu-erh is not for everyone.  It’s for me, but I can see amateur teasans with simple tastes hating on pu-erh for its earthy-by-nature nature.  This particular one, Numi Emperor’s pu-erh is a nice fingerroll but not a 180 dunk.
Rating: A-
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