Naivetea Mint Oolong – Teasan’s Delight x 2

Naivetea Mint Oolong


: When Naivetea showed up at TeaAmigosHQ, I instantly knew that this was going to be a hit. Naivetea Mint Oolong is a prime example of how rich and delightful a legit oolong tea can be. What starts as a beautiful, fragrance-infused mint loose tea, soon becomes large leaves of rich freshness, just waiting for a resteep. Naivetea Mint Oolong tea is not only heralded by my taste buds, it is now demanded whenmint oolong tea is desired. Now I can’t say this is 5 stars across the board, and this is solely because theoolong tea taste that I am quite a fan for, was lacking. Throw some more oo in there and this is 100% official like a referee whistle.

Rating: A


: Naivetea comes at you hard with flavor and equally hard with the smoothness. The good people atNaivetea sent us a nice sampler pack of their teas with a personal letter and we love them for it. Naivetea doesn’t waste time with green, black, or white teas. They go straight for the elite and focus solely on oolong tea. They are definitely teasans of the oolong tea hustle and we respect that.
I had the pleasure of steeping Naivetea Mint Oolong and I was overcome with a flavor that can only be wrought by a horde of Chinese soldiers from the Ming dynasty. Jet Li and Jackie Chan took turns flying side kicking my tongue with the mintiness. This mint tea, or more correctly, mint oolong tea has perhaps the sharpest flavor of mint. Bright yellow steep-drip and a hearty smell strong enough to clear nostrils if need be. Overall, a powerful steep.

Rating: A

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