Metro Tea Japan Sencha – Sencha Some Good Green Tea

Metro Tea Japan Sencha


: Metropolitan Tea Company hothed us with a big ol’ box of their blends, needless to say that we appreciate the teasan love. First things first; take on the basics. Metro Tea Company Japan Sencha green tea hits you with a great entry fkavor right when it hits the tongue, sweet and a touch of grassiness on the low end. It is overall a very smoothSencha tea with a mild aftertaste letting you know that this is the real deal. Daily Drinker status was decinitely acheived, yet no napalm went off in my brain. Still poppin and a good way to start off the tea brand.

Rating: B+


: And put another one up for the Metropolitan Tea Company on the big board! Yes, that’s right.Metropolitan Tea Japan Sencha is our second Metropolitan Tea Review. Let’s get right to it. You know, over my years as a teasan, I have come across many senchas and moreso I’ll tell you this, I know how they’re supposed to taste. So, Metropolitan Japan Sencha tea ain’t fooling this teasan. This is merely an attempt at sencha but it’s not nearly grassy enough. Nevertheless, this Metropolitan green tea makes for a solid green tea steep with a certain degree of sweetness reminiscent of corn syrup. Pleasant on the way down and a good thirst quencher. The tea tastes right but it does not taste like sencha. I’ll still show it love.

Rating: A-

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