Lipton Mint Soother Tea – “Did I Do That?”

Lipton Mint Soother Tea


: Lipton Mint Soother Tea was not held in high regards upon purchase. Well, actually, I got it for free at Pubcon 2011 in Austin, Texas. Still, as a teasan with full standards, I pocketed it with my head held low. Sometimes you gotta steep some mess for the love of the game. Anyways, Lipton Mint Soother tea is neither tea nor an adequate soother. I tasted not one micron of actually tea, and got a mouth full of “other natural flavors”. This Lipton Tea review is another struggle, and tastes like water with a quarter sprig of mint leaf in it. Flavor-lacking.

Rating: C


: We’ve been talking behind Lipton Tea‘s back for a long time but now it’s time to come out and just say it. Can’t you do anything right. Lipton Mint Soother is anything but soothing, it’s got wackness painted on all sides. It’s pretty hard to mess up mint tea, I mean there’s only one ingredient and the quality of mint leaves varies far less than the quality of tea leaves. Lipton, you’re on notice because your tea residues (yes, I just used residue as a verb) my mouf with the unemployable taste of wack.

Rating: D

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