Lipton Lemon Lane – Try It Just For Kicks

Lipton Lemon


: Lipton tea makes a decent attempt at a soothing lemon tea with their Lemon Lane. I can’t say that I’m the hugest fan of lemon tea, but ‘ll try my best to be unbiased. Machine crafted for the mainstream, Lipton tea doesn’t have that hands-on taste or texture that other brands of tea that have been blessed with a tea review. Still, the black teabase was better than I thought. Tart and tangy is the twang that is experienced throughout the beverage, and I really can’t be mad at the aftertaste either. It does the job, and I won’t hate on it.

Rating: B


: Lipton Lemon Lane is one of those herbal teas where you look at the ingredients list and you scratch your head. How could this combination possibly yield a tea thats going to smack me upside the head with the quickness of a chimp and the strength of an ape? Many Celestial Seasoning Teas share these ingredients like rosehips, chicory, and orange peel but their herbal concoctions usually induce tongue petrification. Lipton tea, however, used these same building blocks in a much more delightful way, emphasing the lemon tang and downplaying chicory and rosehips. Not a bad Lipton Herbal tea, not bad at all.

Rating: B

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