Impra Earl Grey Tea – Quite Possibly The X Factor

Impra Earl Grey Tea


:Impra Earl Grey tastes and smells the part of a perfect daily drinker Earl Grey Tea. It’s got that magical bergamot essence in the right concentration to attain multi-pinnacular ascension in a single bound. It lacks that refined bourgeois finesse of some of the more expensive, silk satchet, monocle wearing Eurotrash teas from the likes of Mighty Leaf, but this tea is exactly what Earl Grey should be. Impra tea has that aura of dependability to it, something you can wake up to and go to bed with. I just finished my cup and enjoyed it immensely.

Rating: B+


:At first glance, Impra has some pretty slick design work going for them. The typography is nice to look at for sure, but will their earl grey tea back up their steez?

Straight up now tell me do you really wanna steep me forever? No no no.

Paula Abdul isn’t really feeling this lack of bergamotability in Impra Earl Grey Tea. The black tea base is solid, no doubt, but I would really like to taste a bit more bergamot. This EG passes the oversteep challenge with flying colors though, as keeping the teabag in doesn’t cause bitter tea face. Another positive to this steep is the lasting satisfaction that the back of my mouth exhumes; it is currently making my morning warm and fuzzy. I think they slipped me a Mickey.

Rating: B

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