Double Koi Organic Ginger Orange Oolong Tea – Throw It In the Bag

Double Koi Organic Ginger Orange


: First, let me just open by thanking Double Koi Tea for the samples they sent us. It took us a while to get around to doing Double Koi Tea Reviews but here we are. This Double Koi review is for their Organic Ginger Orange Peach Oolong tea. As you can see, this organic tea has a lot going on so lets break it down. I’d say the most identifiable flavor is the ginger which gives this Double Koi tea a slightly spicy entry. A soothing orange soon begins to mingle. Peach comes in at the end to finish off the taste sensation though rather subtely. Aight, so what’s the problem. Ah yes, we’re missing theoolong tea. Where’s it at? Pretty much no where to be found. If I were the Double Koi Tea Company, I’d change the proportions to include more oolong. Otherwise, this flavored tea tastes a little watered down.

Rating: B+


: Shout out to Double Koi tea company for sending us their lovely loose tea. The TeaAmigos are more than proud to steep teas from the smaller guys, so stand up and get your tea heard! Okay excuse the disclaimer, but little guys need love too. So first on the menu was their succulent ginger orange peach tea, a literal fruit gift basket of oolong tea. They crammed this baby full of fruit tea goodness, and the ginger teawas the fattest. Peach pieces held the aftertaste down , closing out this lovely one. Double Koi keeping it real.

Rating: A-

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