Celestial Seasonings Dessert Tea: Almond Sunset

Celestial Seasonings Dessert


: Okay I’m a bit upset. This Celestial Seasonings Almond Sunset tea was given to me by my number one homey, and the tea the polar opposite of number one. I was like, “Oh snap Celestial Seasonings stepped their game up and created dessert tea!” I was wrong about the step their game up aspect. I don’t hate Celestial Seasonings tea reviews or anything, but I had high hopes for this guy. The smell is unbelievable, and it truly lit up my morning. The tea itself blew it for me. No taste, period. My wifey put it best: Some people like bologna and processed cheese, others know better. No more words outta this teasan.

Rating: D+


: Celestial Seasonings Almond Sunset dessert tea is something all tea fanatics and aspiring teasans must watch out for: an herbal tea that smells so good but tastes so bad. No offense to Celestial Seasoningsbut I know your type. I know trouble when I see, or more accurately taste it, and this is definitely it. The cinnamon aroma is carelessly replaced with the unmistakeable taste of cardboard. Don’t mean to be cruel butCelestial Seasonings has got to step up their game on herbal teas by stepping down their game with the quantity of ingredients featured. Yuck.

Rating: F

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