Carrington French Vanilla Tea – Dr. Robotnik’s Brew

Carrington French Vanilla


: Carrington French Vanilla Tea comes in an inconspicuous package, one fitting for anthrax powder perhaps. With an expiration date of 2/15/14, it seems like you’re opening some chemical used in a biological experiment rather than some French Vanilla tea. Let me describe it for you: it’s a white package with robotic font. All it says is Carrington Tea French Vanilla. Next line, 2/15/14.
It kind of tastes like a medical product too. The vanilla isn’t very French. It lacks character and is kind of just there. The black tea base is also of no consequence. Our first Carrington tea review falls flat but don’t shoot the messenger.

Rating: B-


: Carrington tea is not a tea brand I particularly recoginze, but of course the smaller brands lead for more interesting results. The product of a mother-son clearance store bonding experience, Carrington French Vanilla tea tries its luck in a high-stakes battle towards flavored black tea stardom. Now the black tea base is surprisingly smooth, yet the french vanilla is not around. It is as if someone put a microgram of sugar substitute in the brew. Nothin special, but had the chance to become a daily drinker.

Rating: C+

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