Cachamai Boldo Tea – A Test of the Cajones

Cachamai Boldo


: Every teasan has his weak spot just like every Achilles has his heel. My weak point is my knowledge of Chilean herbs, especially Boldo tea.Cachamai Boldo tea was how I popped my boldo cherry and the xperience could have been better with a gentler, more subtle boldo. As I stood there, waiting for the boldo to touch my lips I thought about how long I had waited for this moment and how it was not at all the way I imagined it. It was a struggle at first. The taste of Cachamai Boldo tea was too much to bare at first, bitter and barky (like tree bark). The smell is intense too. As I got used to it, I started to enjoy it much more and found some pleasure in it. Though my first experiennce with boldo herbal tea was bitter-sweet, I am looking forward to my next.

Rating: B-


: Cachamai Boldo herbal tea is a proud product of Argentina, and I’m sure that the country is upset about this bizarre tea. Well, I won’t speak for them, but Cachamai Boldo is not for American tastes it seems. It is a digestive tea to help tame the itis, which I an appreciate. The flavor, on the other hand, resembles that of a coughdrop from the 20′s. The aftertaste is reminiscent of the OG Listerine, no foolin. Your cajones better be Boldo to steep this brew. I couldn’t finish it, ugh.

Rating: F

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