Bigelow French Vanilla Tea – Why You So Obsessed With Me?

Bigelow French Vanilla


: Bigelow French Vanilla Tea is a pretty typical dessert tea that features a fragrant vanilla splash into a solid black tea base. This flavored teafrom Bigelow Tea Company kind of reminds me of an expensive spa, a country club pool, and Bed Bath and Beyond despite the fact that it bears no resemblance to soap in neither taste nor smell. I just imagine that people who frequent the aforementioned establishments would be privy to this Bigelowflavored tea because it has the sort of relaxing undertones within. Yet another positive Bigelow Tea review. It does what it is supposed to do.

Rating: A-


: As we dive into a Bigelow Tea Review, I think about all of the Bigelow teas that have graced the pages of TeaAmigos. Who can forget their Green Tea with Pomegranate, or their peppermint herb tea. Today’s steep is a luscious french vanilla dessert tea. Bigelow French Vanilla is a great black tea mixed with some no-named flavors and spices. The bag smells faintly of caramel, and begs to be steeped. The taste is delicious and seemingly asks for a dash of sugar to be added. The tea itself is just sweet enough to calm the tooth bearing that name, but go ahead and give it some more love. Try this one out with pecan ice cream.

Rating: B+

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