Aftelier GABA Oolong with Hojary Frankincense – Scent of a Winner

Aftelier GABA


: The scent of a tea gives 30 to 40 different clues about how it is going to taste. Coming from a background of illustrious fragrances, Aftelier Perfumes’ GABA Oolong with hojary Frankincense is a mind blowing, fragrant-as-fudge steep. I gained about 11 IQ points during the brewing process alone. A solid oolong tea base supports the frankincense delicately, yet gives you a nudge in your conscious. More than a daily drinker, this perfumed tea is getting placed in the best tea page with the quickness. Great stuff right here, gotta give respect to Mandy.

Rating: A+


: We receive free tea all the time from companies seeking tea reviews so when we received our batch ofAftelier Perfumed tea I put it alongside the rest of the queue and told the tea to wait its turn. Big mistake! I should have moved it to the top of the pile. Thanks to Amanda Aftel’s insistance, we decided to steep theAftelier Gaba Oolong with the Finest Hojary Frankincense.
Damn, the taste and scent hits you like a ton of tea bricks! The thinly veiled taste of gaba masquerading behind the subtle hojary…mmmmm, heavenly combination. I’m totally clowning actually, I got no idea wtfugde hojary or gaba is and tastes like (though I read the wiki entries for both). Nevertheless, this is one of the most uniqueoolong teas we have tried and I thoroughly recommend it.

Rating: A+

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