Yin Hao Jasmine Tea – Best Served Medium Rare

Yin Hao Jasmine


: I’d been drinking this delicious Jasmine Teafor about a week at work when I decided it might be worth sharing the joy that is Coffee and Tea Exchange Jasmine tea loving. My dad decided to steep the beast in a tea-press. Let me tell you that the use of this mechanism is like night and day; it really unlocks the flavor of loose-leaf teas.

The jasmine oolong tea combo is fierce and you could feel it on every square inch of your tongue. When you gulp it down, the taste sensation lingers for more than several seconds, like kissing a girl with excellent breath. The introduction is unmistakablyoolong tea, but the finish is jasmine without a doubt.

My dad and I were having a spirited conversation about the future of Tea Amigos when suddenly he interrupted me and said “Son, this I the perfect tea drinking temperature.” What he meant was the jasmine tea was at the optimal point, where the brew was cold enough to drink in large sips, but hot enough to lock in that flavor. I quickly pulled out my meat thermometer and dipped it into the tea. Ahhhh medium rare, same way I like my steak actually. That translates to 130 F-138 F.

Rating: A+

How’s that for a tea review blog post?


: Loose tea reviews are like the backbone of society: they are the real teas. Don’t get me wrong, bagged tea is excellent too, but a good loose tea is where it’s at. This Coffee and Tea Exchange tea reviewis of the noble Yin Hao Jasmine. The introduction is long, simply because this tea is fudgin’ amazing. Everything from its appearance, to its grand opening smell, to its smooth texture and perfectly balanced flavor are all ridiculously tasty. The smell of this jasmine loose tea alone will melt your heart. Tiny flowers decorate your tea press as the flavor is everlasting, begging for another steep. I wouldn’t be surprised if this made it to our best teas page… oh wait, we’re in charge. Winner.

Rating: A+

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