Twinings Lemon Scented Tea – Smells Just Like the Citrus

Twinings Lemon Scented


: So Twining’s has Lemon Twist tea, andLemon Scented Tea; could have fooled me.Twining’s tea reviews bring a bold black tea into the family, and Twining’s Lemon Scented tea fulfills the tradition. My question was this. What the fudge islemon scented tea anyway? Is it a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Is it the newest fake-designer home fragrance from Glade? No, it is just another name given to Twining’s Lemon tea. The Lemon Twistwas more of an herbal tea, and this guy is flavored black tea in all its glory. Twining’s does it right once again with a crispiness only surpassed by the homeostasis achieved in lemon and black tea.

Rating: A


: I’m not sure what the difference between lemon scented tea and lemon flavored tea is but I have a theory. Envision the preparation of your beverage. The level III tea masters over there at the Twinings teafactory kilning up a storm, little elves and gnomes bringing bushels of freshly picked tea into the facility, a little leprechaun on a see-saw adding flavor to a giant batch of tea leaves. Now, if you can see the leprechaun squeezing a lemon over this tub of tea, then you have lemon tea or lemon flavored tea. However, if you see the leprechaun dropping Lemonhead candy instead and waiting for it to dissolve, then you have Twinings Lemon Scented tea. Overall, it’s quite good but it tastes like unsweetened Lemonheads. Excellent daily drinker.

Rating: B+

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