Twining’s Herbal Revive Tea – Fizzle In, Fizzle Out

Twinings Herbal Revive


: Twinings Herbal Revive is the quintessential daily drinker, an inexpensive tea you can consume on a daily basis and not get sick of. The flavor is pleasant but not popping, steepability is average, balance is solid. Everything about thisTwinings tea screams “Drink me! I’m marginally above average!”
Regardless , the ginger tea and lemon combo is pleasureable no matter how you put it. Buy thislemon tea in bulk because it’s what you’ll be drinking for your daily grind.

Rating: B


: Twinings Herbal Revive had me excited when I steeped it, as it plop plop fizz fizzed right when the bag hit my perfectly heated teacup/water combo. Efferdent in the mix? I’ve had braces, but no dentures here.Twinings knows what they are doing, and their lemon ginger tea fared well. Although in my mind it was standard, Herbal Revive did make other teas in similar genres look stupid. Twining’s of London took Chinese ginger to the regular level. Check it out if you dare not venture into supreme flavor country.

Rating: B

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