Twining’s China Oolong Tea – Royalty

Twining's China Oolong Tea


: Twinings Oolong Tea is a Chinese Teabustling with flavor like daaaamn. I’ve never triedOolong tea fromTwining’s Teasso it was a pseudo familiar introduction. Still, the comparison must be with other Oolong Teas, and not with Twinings Brand teas, so I have little basis for comparison. but I am quite familiar with

Nevertheless, this tea really hits the spot. It tastes like a perfect hybrid between black tea and green tea. It has a very aromatic, leafy taste of green teas, but the delicious, bitter, slightly acidic aftertaste or a richblack tea. I am definitely looking forward to dipping my Oolong teabag into yet another unsuspecting cup. Twining’s China Oolong Tea definitely passes the litmus test, sets the bar, and <insert random cliché synonymous with beating expectations here>.

Overall Rating: A-


Oolong tea has always shared characteristics of hay. Maybe it’s just me, but Chinese tea gives you a eco-friendly green flavor to savor and makes you think that you are some field-grazing horse or cow.Twining’s China Oolong Tea gave me this feeling, and made me realize that indeed I am a true teasan. My palette has grown very fond of tea, including this oolong tea from Twining’s Tea. The teabag’s smell paints the image of a Chinese emperor dressed in all purple like Rick James or Prince, with his/her feet soaking in tea leaves while peasants play Outkast instrumentals on the mandolin.

See, what had happened was Judge Mathis, is that every time I have an oriental tea, be it loose tea, regularoolong tea, or some other Far Eastern variation it really just tastes like viscous, grassy water, kinda like how beer tastes like crap when you first drink it.  Now, after trying tea after tea, I support this grassy concoction called oolong tea, and am down for what Twining’s has done.  Heed these Twinings tea reviews, you’ll be saying WOW all day.

Overall Rating: A-

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