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Trescerro Rooibos


: Trescerro Rooibos Chai almost makes up for the fact that they appear to not own a web domain. Passing those elegant, elite tea brands that paid GoDaddy the dues needed to get some web space, Trescerro tea did some research, got in there and made some good policies, and came out with an uncorrupted triumphant landslide of flavor. I tasted some mighty fine rooibos tea in the mix, which by others is usually Aldi brand rooibos. Not Trescerro, they saved up and picked some goodness. The base tea was not as fine as one would like, but I would not expect that from them. They already hit me with this curveball of rooibos chai. No milk or cream added, as this was taken to the dome with authority.

Rating: A-


: The true teasan has to be wary of rooibos tea from an unfamiliar brand like Trescerro tea. Rooibos tea is often done improperly using low grade herb with bogus flavor. Luckily, our homies at Trescerro stepped their tea game up yet again by producing this concoction: Trescerro Rooibos Chai Herbal tea. If you’re a fan of the rooibos, get your greedy paws on this brew and see if you like it because I did. Standard sweet rooibos taste with a lower chai focus than most. This is the 2nd chai rooibos tea, the other being Trader Joe’s Rooibos Chai. I don’t know which I like more because the other had more of a chai strut. Either way, Trescerro is proving to be a breeding ground for decent teas.

Rating: A-

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3 Responses

  • Jordan says:

    This is only the second rooibos tea I’ve had, but I’ve had multiple chais. My mom makes a supreme chai tea, that is better than the base of Starbucks’.
    The first couple sips were watery, and then I was hit with the spiciness. I could definitely taste the cardamom, with the ginger at the back of my mouth. A tart aftertaste, probably because of the orange peels. Did you guys get that? I would have liked to have a more chai taste.

  • Faith says:

    Found this tea at a hotel in wisconson. I snatched a small stacsh before I left hoping to find it in a store but no luck. do you know where I can buy it in a store?

  • Deb says:

    I had this tea at Four Seasons Resort in Wisconsin and fell in love. Now where can I buy it?

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