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Trescerro Peppermint


: Trescerro Peppermint Herbal Tea is unremarkable, as most mint tea is. The problem with rating these is that there is only one ingredient: peppermint. I’m sure there are varying degrees in he quality of peppermint teas but I know not of them. In our last Trescerro tea review, I made it clear that I would not judge the brand prematurely. Since this is an herbal tea, I will still abstain from judging. Thismint tea is at least decent.

Rating: B


: Trescerro tea must have gotten some tutoring from Kaplan because this peppermint herb tea did not fail. Trescerro peppermint herb tea wasn’t on top either. With a mild smelling teabag, I got to steeping hoping that they redeem themselves after their attempt at China green tea. This one wasn’t nearly as deadly. This fresh mint tea has a smooth flight, yet a lackluster mint flavor that isn’t captivating. Maybe next time Trescerro.

Rating: C

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  • Jordan says:

    The college I go to has “U-marts”, which are basically gas stations without the freaky strangers and the even worse bathrooms. Our school prepares most of the food that is stocked there. And, of course, there is a small stand dedicated to tea and 5 hour energy (well, I did mention they are small right?)

    Anyhoo, Trescerro tea has the spotlight here. Probably because it is cheap. The mint tea is okay. Eat it with a piece of chocolate, and get a watered down Andes mint thing going on. The green tea sucked. Nuff said.

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