Trescerro China Green Tea – Freshness Denied

Trescerro China Green


: Trescerro China Green Tea is one of the most pathetic excuses for green tea I have ever tasted. Trescerro tea is a new brand of tea that we got going on. Didn’t Trescerro‘s mom ever teach them that first impressions are important. Well, Laura Kofman is a saint, and she taught me. But, she also taught me another lesson: don’t judge a book by its cover. Therefore, I will not abandon future attempts at Trescerro tea. This tea is stale as hale and the freshness factor has a coefficient of .0001. Freshness denied. There’s an aftertaste which causes your taste buds to wince in pain. This Trescerro Green tea is little league.

Rating: D-


: Well, I don’t what had happened here, but Trescerro china green tea is bogus. I thought I oversteeped or something, but you can’t really do green tea like that. What started as an okay tea, turned into an abomination of a beverage. My oh my will somebody help Trescerro out with their blends! Maybe the nexttea review will hold a different story. Ugh… Listerine time.

Rating: F

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