Trader Joe’s Ruby Red Chai Tea

Trader Joe's Ruby Red Chai


: As a tea purist, it is difficult for me to accept Chai tea as a legitimate tea. It has no actual tea leaves and it’s a caffeine free tea which generally upsets my sentiments. Despite my orthodox views, this organic tea takes deliciousness to a whole other level. I’m not really sure what Rooibos Tea is but it’s damn good.

The smell is possibly more note-worthy than the taste. It’s a rich, clove cinnamon with mint that gives this tea its aromatic ambiance. I spent a good 5 minutes just smelling the steam getting a good feel for the Red Ruby Chai.

To be honest with you, at first I was unimpressed with the taste. The only reason being that the smell had set up such high expectations that I was disappointed by the tea’s inability to recreate the taste perfectly. However, after a few sips and letting the teabag simmer in there, the taste really picked up and propelled me into other realms.

Additionally, as the box suggested, I tried this Trader Joe’s tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar and some milk. No need for dessert. Beautiful.

Rating: A


: Rooibos tea is categorized as a caffeine free tea from the African plains that soothes the mind, body, and soul. Trader Joe’s Rooibos Chai Tea has a distinctive clove aroma that reminded me of a holiday. No holiday in particular, just a holiday. Its burnt sienna pigment complements its cinnamon accents, and the ginger, allspice, nutmeg all galavant together to form a pleasurable organic tea experience. No tea leaves here, just an herb tea that really is impressionable. If you are having guests over, steep some Trader Joe’s Rooibos Ruby Red Chai, and get the gossip flowing. You can add a splash of milk and the flavor pops off like whoa. The only beef I have with this organic rooibos tea is that the aftertaste is a bit filmy, if that makes any sense at all.

Rating: B

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