Trader Joe’s Green Tea with Blueberry – Weak Fatality

TJ Green Blueberry Tea


: After a swift uppercut of a Trader Joe’s Tea Review like their Mango Black tea, Mike and I divulged into their blueberry counterpart. Trader Joe’s Green Tea with Blueberry is the type of tea that would have your atrium smelling mackadocious. This is real blueberry juice, not just the drops (heh heh). I was so hyped on the smell that I just sat there with the tea steeping and livened up my studio. Nonetheless this green tea was made for drinking, or so I thought. I mean you get the Trader Joe’s Tea quality, but that aftertaste was bitterbitter. Not bittersweet, but bitterbitter. I even poured up another cup of this brew just to check myself before I wrecked myself. No dice. Something fishy is going on here, green tea flavor was solid, but what had happened Judge Mathis?

Rating: B-


: Trader Joe’s Green Tea with Blueberry is an interesting combination of ingredients. First and foremost, when you open the package the aroma of fresh blueberries radiates through the atmosphere. This scent is highly pleasant. When you drink the tea, the taste does not disappoint though the presence of green tea is overshadowed by the blueberry juice. This balance is a little off and can be improved somewhat. However, this Trader Joe’s Tea has another problem: the aftertaste. There’s some sort of oil or spice that was added to this blueberry tea that does not belong. It tastes like parsley, cilantro, or basil. There’s nothing wrong with these spices in salad, but in tea, no thanks.

Rating: C+

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