Trader Joe’s Decaf Green Tea – No Amp Whatsoever

TJ Decaf Green Tea


: Trader Joe’s tea is upper class for sure, but when chemicals are involved, things turn ugly. Trader Joes decaf green tea has something eerie about it. Of course, this is coming from a person who doesn’t even like taking aspirin. Green tea is naturally caffeinated, so to make decaf tea you gotta do some heavy duty experimentation. The results here are very noticable. I really am not feeling this decaf green tea, probably because Shang Tsung took its flavor for his own, only to later be upset that he wasted a good fatality on it.

Rating: C


: Trader Joe’s Decaffeinated Green Tea is an undrinkable disaster. Sorry to Trader Joes tea for this undrinkable disaster, and this negative tea review, but it’s the truth. Decaffeinating this green tea sapped the soul out of it completely. It is a shell of the once proud green tea it was before it was pillaged of its flavor. Raped and left to die in the streets, this Trader Joe’s Green Tea acquired some sort of metallic taste to boot.Trader Joes, how could you?

Rating: F

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  • Veronica says:

    I do agree that decaffing a tea probably involves some wierd not so nice process. This tea would be ideal for someone lookin to get the pros of green tea which are the fat burning properties. Getting rid of caffein in your diet also help to lower your cortisol release which is responsible for packing on weight especially in the mid section. This tea I recommend only if you are using green tea as a supplement.

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