Ten Ren Chinese Black Tea – Slap in the Face Fresh

Ten Ren Black Tea


: TenRen was discovered during a routine trip to Chinatown. The Wifey and I were looking for a baby tortuga and of course I needed to stop by the tea emporium. Tenren black tea was a skilled purchase that I couldnt be happier with. The Chinese black tea has your standard aroma, and gives high quality taste very stealth-like. The Metal Gear approach was warmly welcomed by Mike and I, as we both sipped the teacup to completion. The most noted characteristic of this black tea is its extended-steepability. I caught Mike sleeping and oversteepin, yet the Tenren tea did not get bitter. Looking forward to more Tenren tea reviews.

Rating: A


: Ten Ren Tea brings it hard with it’s goto black tea. Ten Ren black tea features aromatic, superbly complicated new age sensations whose freshness can only be matched by ocean fury. If the Greeks had a tea God, he might dispense Ten Ren Black Tea to his chosen few. I’m not saying this is the best tea of all time or anything like that, but it is instantly apparent post-first sip that you’re not dealing with some amateur brew for the weak of taste. I’m excited to tackle the other TenRen in the pack we got, but based on this black tea, I’m sure the other Ten Ren Tea Reviews will crack skulls.

Rating: A

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