Teatulia Black Tea – More Teatulia Please!!!

Teatulia Black


: Teatulia tea is solid. Standard brown-baggin package with a loose tea filling that send a heaping of aroma direct to the nose. I found it refreshing that this was simply named Teatulia Black Tea, instead of some crazy longtail keyword like Tao Kae Noi Tom Yum Goong Black Camellia Sinensis. Regarding theloose black tea steep, it has an above average amount of mesquiteability, but nothing too over the top. I would qualify this as your daily drinker for sure, and the smoothness of the base makes it a standout player. No need for the fancy stuff, Teatulialooks to become a veteran in the game.

Rating: A-


: Teatulia graced our pastures with some samples and we’re doing our best to keep up with the steady flow of teas piling up in our inventory. Today’s tea du jour is Teatulia Black tea. If you read some of our otherTeatulia reviews, you will learn that Teatulia get their teas from Bangladesh.

Teatulia black tea
is a rich black tea with 2 distinct features that would stand out to any self respecting teasan and even level 3 tea masters. First, the tea has a natural sweetness to it unlike other black teas. There is almost no bitterness whatsoever. Where this lies on a scale from herpes to ice cream is based purely on taste but I’m just reporting the facts.

Second, there’s enough richness and mesquitability here that this feels almost like a breakfast tea. Now,Teatulia does have a breakfast tea in its lineup called Teatulia Bengal Breakfast. We have yet to do a tea review of it but I can’t imagine how strong it will be because this one already has that Breakfast tea essence.
Overall, I am a fan of this one on a daily drinker level. It’s not my favorite but then again, very few pure black teas stand out in any noticeable way when this one definitely does.

Rating: A-

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