Teasan 10 with Dan from Tea Mag

Tea Mag
Tea Mag is an online publication that is making sure the teasan community is up to date on what’s really good in tea. They HOTH you with tea cocktails, health and wellness knowledge, and overall ish that you should know about. We got a chance to ask 10 questions to one of their editors.

Dan, tell the people what you’re here for…

1. How did you hear about the TeaAmigos?
Via email.

2. What do you do at Tea Mag?
I am the editor and publisher

3. Do you remember your first cup of tea?
Southern style sweet tea served at dinner from the time I was a very small child.

4. What is your go-to steep every day?
Up before dawn drinking Assam teas early in the day, first flush, Brittannia.. as the day grows hot I return to iced teas (double strength poured hot and diluted in 20 ounce glass of ice from filtered water). I cook midwestern (steaks, chops, chicken) or oriental, rice, boy choy and favor oolong with meals.

5. Do you have any experiences with drinking tea outside of the US?
From a chai vendor (chiwalla) on the midnight train to Kolkata from New Jaipaiguri station in the fare northern reaches of West Bengal province… and in Dubai UAE where I sampled african teas.

6. What’s the most cups of tea you’ve drank in one day.
Non stop through summer harvesting miles and miles of wheat near Great Bend Kansas. Certainly 1.5 gallons. I kept a huge thermos on the front seat.

7. If you could choose one type of tea to drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?
High mountain oolong from either Fujian or Taiwan (Lishan)

8. Describe a time where you literally had to spit out tea that was horrible.
Oversteeped tea from stems and branches, hoichicha

9. Where’s the most obscure place that you’ve purchased tea.
High in the Nilgiri mountains of Southern India at switch backs there are tea vendors who operate tiny, outdoor stands heating the tea over an open fire.

10. What is your opinion on all these bottled iced teas? Faves or frauds?
Faves, nothing beats the convenience and teas like Ito En are high quality thirst quenchers. Love the Republic of Tea Darjeeling bottled tea available at fine restaurants.

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