Te Teas Sweetest Jasmine Pearls – Visually and Tastefully Crackin

Te Teas Jasmine Sweetest Pearls


: When I first laid eyes on Te Teas Jasmine Pearls Tea, I thought, “why the trapezoid box?”. Little did I know what I was in store for. I copped this steep at a supermarket in the burbs and had to immediately applaud the packaging. Looks tight. Aside from the aesthetics, the individual wrapping is also on point. Can the steep come as correct as the packaging budget? In this case, yes indeed. This jasmine pearls tea got it going on. The tightly rolled jasmine tea expands to the delight of any aspiring teasan, and the flavor makes other tea companies kick rocks all the way back to the drawing board. I wouldn’t say these are the sweetest jasmine pearls, but who needs Splenda when you got some straight-shooting tea anyways? I recommend this one for a daily jasmine tea steep. My only complaint is that it could be a bit more potent, but who’s rating?

Oh wait, I am.

Rating: A


: Light travels faster than sound which is why you see fireworks before you hear them. The same holds true for tea because you see them Jasmine Pearls expanding with the quickness on that ass so you receive your visual stimulation well before you get to try it on your buds. Once you do, you will also be pleased because the jasmine tea comes proper. What it lacks is a little bit of the green tea flavor to balance the jasmine What’s tight is Jasmine Pearls is still a superior product because it strikes this balance, possibly over the head. Still good.

Rating: B+

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