Te Teas Black Velvet Chai – Pooquito Less Than Expected

Te Teas Black Velvet Chai


I been out of the tea junket for some time so I gotta recollect my memory on some of these brands. I was thrown back by the fancy packaging of Te Teas with the plastic wrapping and the silk screen sachet. Nice presentation but I seem to remember Te Tea being subpar. The tea smells right so what could be the issue? Let me explain what tasting this is like.

Imagine buying a ticket to Flavor Country. After a short flight you get out of the plane but discover you’re in Eastern Europe; Slovenia or something. This chai tea isn’t bad and it’s got a much stronger citrus essence than other chais I have tried which makes it somewhat interesting. That being said, it’s kind of flat and 1 dimensional, and like many poorly crafted chai teas, Te Black Velvet Chai leaves a weird film and aftertaste in your mouf. Not the end of the world but that are certainly better alternatives.

Rating: B-


Te Teas Black Velvet Chai is quite the looker. The combination of the silk sachet and the pyramid box makes for a nice paperweight. Even the steepables in the teabag look scrumptious. It resembles something that a trust fund squirrel would pack in its suitcase for college; there are clove pieces, some cardamom-nut looking thing, and other cute rodent paraphernalia.
Let’s break down the flavor. Mike is right that it doesn’t have an over-the-top nuttiness or chai flavor for that matter, but you just feel good steeping it. That leftover taste in your mouth might be the cure for the common cold so don’t overlook it. I tried this steep with some milk and was disappointed since the malnourished strength of the chai goodness could not mingle with the dairy. One of the few lactose intolerant chai teas that we’ve reviewed.

Rating: B

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