Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea – More Color Than Crayola

Tazo Wlid Orange


: Tazo Wild Sweet Orange takes its playfully colored tea satchet and gets silly with it. Never to be without a bold flavor, Tazo tea reviews usually come correct in my book…except when things start srifting into Kool-Aid territory. This Tazo herbal tea is herbal for sure, boasting power orangey zest without any real tea inside. My feelings were a bit touched when I got that licorice root aftertaste. Now it was nothing like Stash Licorice Spice, but I personally wasn’t a fan. This tea would be good if you are trying to get your tisane on, but it will never pass my palate again.

Rating: C+


: Tazo Wild Orange tea has the glitz necessary to reach the pinnacle of said made up word. When you’re doing a Tazo tea review, you got to look at all aspects of of a tea: color, smell, taste. The most descriptive voice to all 3 is sharp. The color is a vivid orange, just a bright almost unnaturally artificial orange. The smell is citrusy, cuts right into your nostrils. The taste is much the same. Tazo Wild Orange is a herbal tea base which means that the taste of the tea itself does not overshadow the flavor. You get an interesting citrus burst that is unlike any other orange flavored tea I have tried. I like it!

Rating: A-

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