Tazo Refresh Tea – Check Yo Steep Before You Wreck Yo Steep

Tazo Refresh


: True teasans know what’s in their steep. It’s what being a teasan is all about. This is why when I was confronted Tazo Refresh Mint tea, I was taken aback momentarily by the ingredients. This mint teafrom Tazo has something called tarragon, a new ingredient in the teasan’s arsenal. For the most part,Tazo‘s mint tea tastes much like most mint teas you will uncover in your travels. Toward the end, closer to the oversteep, I felt a new sensation sweeping my tongue’s imagination. It’s all about the tarragon baby. A strange, slightly bitter herbal taste, but have I savored this flavor prior to this Tazo tea steep. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s the same taste when you drink detox tea in haste. Overall not bad, tastes kind of like a detox mint tea.

Rating: B


: Seeing as this tea is called Tazo Refresh, and it is packaged in a green tea sachet, I steeped without any desire nor thought of reading the ingredients. Tazo tea is generally flavorful and potent, with minimal side effects, so I wasn’t thinking about drowsiness, nausea, migraines, suicidal thoughts, or chemical dependency. Tazo Refresh green tea was looking good in my teacup, but I sensed a little something off with this green tea. I found out that mint tea had made a guest appearance. The situation as a whole was appreciated, but that first sip almost made me sick. Not that this mint medley (no reference to Bigelow Mint Medley) was bad, I just wasn’t expecting it at all. I was in “steep shock”. Read prior to steep, yet enjoy.

Rating: B+

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