Tazo Earl Grey Tea – Habitual Line Balance Beamin’

Tazo EG


: Tazo Earl Grey comes correct by exhibiting maximum bergamotability without crossing that very fine line between just right and too bergamuch. You already know that Tazo teas enter the ring to win, don’t back down for no clown, enter the race and set the pace, so why would you expect anything less from this champion Earl Grey tea? It might have a jam in one of its cylinders though because I got to sa thatTazo Earl Grey‘s base tea can use just a slight freshness injection to get the black tea essence a little more poppin but for the most part this Tazo teahits it hard. Triple with an RBI, but not a grand slam.

Rating: A-


: Tazo Earl Grey brings an interesting fact to the teasan table. As many of you know Earl grey contains the oh so flavorful essence of a citrusy fruit called Bergamot. “Bergamot” has its distinct texture, flavor, and aroma. If you got some extra special steepables then the teabag might be stained like skidmards. No, worries though, as you are in the presence of some flavorful earl grey. Now Tazo tea hooked it up with some extra bergamot on this cup, and I peeped it with the quickness. Now this was not faking any sort of funk whatsover, as this earl grey tea is flavor packed. You’re probably at Starbucks, you look to the right and see those expensive as fudge fruit cups. Above that, yea, that Tazo tea display. Now see that Tazo earl grey tea? Skip that coffee as hit this up for once. Good alternative.

Rating: A

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